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The Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership for the continuation of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program.  Originally launched in 2007, the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program has the vision of improving the early childhood care and education systems in Colorado by identifying, nurturing, and building leadership capacity in existing and future early childhood leaders.  The University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education & Human Development (SEHD) will join the Buell Foundation and Clayton Early Learning to offer this exciting leadership program in 2013.  This new partnership signals the beginning of the next phase of the program. Susan Steele, Executive Director of the Buell Foundation, stated, “We have had an opportunity to reflect on the many successes we saw in the initial five years of the program, and this new partnership with CU Denver will allow us to make the program even stronger.” 

The partnership will combine the strengths of two highly respected agencies.  Under the leadership of the new Dean of the SEHD at the University of Colorado Denver, the program will have the infrastructure, resources, and academic expertise that will allow the program to flourish as it moves into the future.  “As a professional with a 30 year career in early childhood education and advocacy myself, I am truly thrilled with our new partnership with the Temple Buell Foundation and Clayton Early Learning—two organizations with a deep commitment to early childhood education in Colorado and beyond,” said Rebecca Kantor, Dean of the SEHD.  “This is an exciting time in the state and the nation for early childhood education; and, this is the perfect time for this new partnership and our Fellows to make a difference.” 

Clayton Early Learning will work alongside the SEHD to provide practical knowledge and experience bringing research to practice.  Clayton offers high quality (nationally accredited) early childhood education in its Educare Denver School and was named one of 10 national Centers of Excellence by the federal Office of Head Start.  Additionally, the Institute at Clayton Early Learning contributes significantly to the body of knowledge in the early childhood field through research and professional development activities.  Charlotte Brantely, CEO of Clayton Early Learning, said, “We are very excited about this new partnership with CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development.  We have the opportunity to further deepen and expand both the content and the focus of the program at a critical time for early childhood leadership in Colorado.”  The combination of the academic expertise of the SEHD and the applied experience of Clayton Early Learning will provide the incoming Buell Fellows with a unique opportunity to learn, enhance, and practice excellence in early childhood leadership.  

The Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program is cohort structured and includes 18 graduate-level credit hours.  The program’s coursework culminates in a graduate-level certificate with opportunities for Buell Fellows to move forward for masters and doctoral programs in several different disciplines.  The integrated courses focus on seven types of leadership essential for the preparation of professionals in the early care and education sector.  Students are required to participate in all components of the program, including a summer leadership symposium and retreat, classroom and internet-based learning, reflective discussion, mentorship, and a yearlong collaborative action research project.  One hundred Buell Fellows have taken part in the program to date and have been deployed as leaders and change agents across Colorado.

Recruitment for the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program will begin soon for the newest cohort of Buell Fellows.  Watch for more information to come.  Representatives of each of the partner agencies are available for questions:

Lynn Andrews, Senior Director, Professional Development Services
Clayton Early Learning:  
landrews@claytonearlylearning.org, 303-398-8555  

Erin Binford, Program Officer
Buell Foundation
ebinford@buellfoundation.org, 303-744-1688

Rebecca Kantor, Dean
School of Education & Human Development
rebecca.kantor@ucdenver.edu, 303-315-6342

Deanna Sands, Associate Dean for Research and Leadership Education 
School of Education & Human Development
deanna.sands@ucdenver.edu, 303-315-4931  



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